Incredible Hulk!

So last night was another great movie night. Tuesdays at Village Eight for the win! I think because of the two dollar nights, that night will become our new movie spot. Unless I feel the ultimate need to see them when they come out which won’t be that often.

Anyway, so last night was Incredible Hulk. It was soooooo good. I am incredibly happy with the way that comic book movies are being directed these days. they are far more comic booky than they used to be which is a very good thing. I think the direction they are taking with tying in the entire Marvel Universe is amazing. This is something that I had wished for forever. And to the critics who said that the Hulk was too CGI in this movie need to get over it. How else can you do the hulk? It’s a big hulking green monster.

And the tie in with Ironman at the end was priceless. The last half an hour of that film had us jumping out of our seats….Abomination, hand clap, Hulk Smash, and Tony Stark. Too much for me to take! And Liv Tyler did a good job as Betty. I was impressed.

Watching this movie had me rushing home and checking IMDB for other Marvel movies. I was so excited! Nick Fury! Captain America!! Avengers!!! Thor!!!! I was grinning. So yea, 2010-2011 is gonna be great. I STILL want a Black Panther movie. Michael Jai White would be awesome in this role. At first I was all like, Wesley Snipes. But Wesley can’t do every black future comic book role. Plus White was good in Spawn even if the movie wasn’t great.

So anyway, I had a great night and looking forward to more movie nights. Thanks J!


Is it weird that I keep finding songs that mean so much about us baby? If it’s too much you can tell me :) Even though I know you like it too. This is a new guy. Don’t know if I like him yet but it has India Arie….can’t go wrong with her. Tell me what you think. /kiss

Anthony David Lyrics
Words Lyrics


I’m truly lucky to have you J. I love these lyrics. They express so much between us.

Jason Mraz Lyrics
Lucky Lyrics

Iron Man Weekend!

Ok, so it really wasn’t an Iron Man weekend but that was one of the highlights of my weekend. We saw it at the Village Eight Movie Theater.

/begin rant

So everybody used to call the Village Eight Movie Theater the dollar movies. Why you ask? Because all the movies cost a dollar! No matter what time or what day, all movies cost a dollar! It was great for kids with no money (i.e. me). Fast forward about fifteen years and J and I visit Iron man at the “dollar movies”. No longer is it a dollar…but four dollars. Somehow the four dollar movies doesn’t have as much of an effect. Inflation is horrible but it’s not that horrible

/end rant

So J and I visit the four dollar movies (see what I mean? Not as much of a ring) to see Iron Man. I missed out on it in the theater cuz J wasn’t in town and I HAD to see it with a person who knew what comic books were all about. It just wouldn’t have been as fun having to explain everything like I did with my sisters after getting home after seeing it. Even though it was cute seeing them go OHHHH!!! when I explained certain aspects of the movie. But I digress.

So I was super excited because I love Iron Man. He’s one of my favorite comic book characters. I used to have an issue with the Iron Man origin story that was portrayed in the movies but I quickly got over that. They picked the perfect man for Tony Stark and I loved (SPOILER ALERT!!!) him and Pepper never got together. They aren’t supposed to! But I do love how he just destroyed all the stuff that he owned in order to make the suit. That was the one thing he was focused on. And I loved Terrance Howard as Rhodie. He would make an awesome War Machine! If you didn’t just understand that statement, look it up :). So I loved the movie. But the kicker was at the end. If you didn’t stay through the credits, you miss out (that’s why I ALWAYS stay through every movie until the very end). Samuel L… Nick Fury…..holy crap. Yea I was super, super excited. They chose the black Nick Fury and he’s gonna be awesome. I’m excited to see him in the next one (and they better bring the next one.) So I loved it. It was so funny. Half of the movie theater were comic book people and half weren’t. It was funny to see who got the inside jokes and who didn’t. I love that they made a part of the movie for comic book lovers. After seeing the Dark Knight and Iron Man, my faith in comic book movies is starting to be restored. I haven’t seen The Incredible Hulk yet but that’s for next week. I hope that doesn’t destroy me.

But I am soooo excited about my comic books now. I look forward to every Wednesday. The art and the plot lines are awesome. And I love the fact that I don’t feel the need to get every comic just because it’s there. I get it to read and enjoy it. If the story isn’t good or compelling, I don’t buy. But I love my comic books and the cliff hangers every week are great. Can’t wait to have our comic book room J :) It’s gonna be good.

Anyway, so the rest of the weekend was me just lying around with J which is what I loooove to do. My sisters did have a little party/potluck that was fun. I love being around them. They are so much fun! Count down to the beach…..four days! I’ll take tons of pics :)

Louisville Diss

So J told me not to let these kind of people get to me; the kind of people that think they are better than everybody else and have nothing but bad to say about others and tout their good points to the point of excess. So it irritated me to read this article that I’ve posted below. Yes, I agree, our Mayor-For-Life Jerry Abramson shouldn’t have gone down there to bribe former Louisvillians but still…..ugh. Read the article. Decide for yourself.

Poo-Pooing Possibility City in Sunny Florida

July 24th, 2008 by rick

Wow! Who’d have thought that taking on Tampa would result in so much buzz on the Internets.

Of course, I’m trying to imagine how defensive Jerry Abramson might get if Nashville, Indy, Cincy or St. Louis brought an entourage to town and let it be known their purpose was to steal the smarties and hotties from corporate offices around here. I’m trying to imagine the Courier-Journal’s editorial board coming up with copy like the piece below from the St. Petersburg Times, whose ultimate message to Jer is this — You’re kidding yourself if you think you’re better than us!

And the insult to southern Indiana tops it off. The folks at One Southern Indiana had better come on out and defend themselves.

It was written under an equally effective headline: Don’t Let the Bourbon go to your Head. Here it is:

The mayor of Possibility City shows up tonight in the city formerly known as America’s Next Great City. Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson is bringing bourbon and Kentucky Derby tickets to Tampa to help sell former Kentuckians on returning home. Before the liquor goes to their heads, those transplants to Tampa Bay ought to think twice about abandoning the Sunshine State for the Bluegrass State.

We have the beaches and the gulf. Louisville has the Ohio River, and you can’t see the bottom. The Belle of Louisville paddlewheeler is fun, though.

We have three major professional sports franchises. Louisville has minor-league baseball. We’ll concede the compact downtown stadium has more charm than Tropicana Field, even if it isn’t air conditioned.

The University of Louisville and the University of South Florida are both urban universities in the Big East Conference. U of L is older, but USF is bigger.

There is no comparison between world-renowned Tampa International Airport and Louisville International. TIA serves roughly five times the number of passengers as Louisville’s airport.

Tampa Bay has the office towers of downtown Tampa, the restaurants and art galleries of walkable downtown St. Petersburg and many other distinctive communities to explore. Across the river, Louisville has southern Indiana, a string of strip malls and depressed small towns once known as “The Sunny Side of Louisville.”

Louisville once had most of the vices covered in local industries, from whiskey to tobacco to gambling. Tampa has the Seminole casino and tops everyone in adult entertainment.

It is hard to beat the Kentucky Derby and the pageantry of the first Saturday in May. But next year Tampa will host another Super Bowl. And remember one more thing about Louisville before deciding to stop worrying about hurricanes, property insurance and traffic.

In Possibility City, it snows.

Pictures from Akron

It’s Florence Ya’ll! I love this water tower.

This was the movie theater my dad took me to see The Nutty Professor and Independence Day. It was a great day.

I wasn’t sure what this building is but I wanna know! It wasn’t here when I lived here.

I love the landscape in Cincinnati, all those hills!

This roller coaster is what scared me to death when I was younger. But I conquered it.

An honest to God phone booth. I didn’t realize that they actually existed still.

There was another billboard with the rest of the commands. On the back of the billboard it said Hell Is Real.

Shanna was looking hawt! Ready to go mudding.

I can’t believe people were getting that muddy. I would have gone if I had knew that they were going.

People get crazy out there. But the craziness was pretty cool.

You had to duct tape your shoes to your feet/legs or they would get sucked off in the mud. I learned something!

This is the dodgeball pit (enclosed) and the volleyball pit.

I am so mad that my camera battery went out. But there is always next year!

Awesomeness of Hands

The Daft Hands Video was good. But this is better. Barats and Bereta have always made me laugh (interrupting sloth anyone?) and this is no exception…enjoy!

Akron Weekend

I was supposed to post pictures of my Akron weekend along with my description but it’s been three days and I still haven’t posted pictures. They will get posted on and added to the the story but everybody will just have to use their imagination for the time being. We decided to go to Akron to visit Danny and Shanna (they are a WoW couple too!) on the spur of the moment Friday. We decided our finances could take it, packed up and headed out. It was soooo much fun.

We had Garmina so we didn’t need to print out Google Maps and she did great. Had a couple of little hiccups but I’m not going to blame that on Garmina. Driving up to Akron was one of the best things I loved about the trip. I got to share all of my memories from the six years that I lived in the area. And they are MY memories! Isn’t that cool, baby! But there were a lot of things that I took pictures of that I had never noticed while living there. I loved sharing yet another part of my life with him. I could totally live there one day now :)

We didn’t get there until late and Danny and Shanna met us at Eat and Park for dinner/breakfast. Their breakfast buffet started at midnight! So we had tons of fun there. I love them cuz they don’t throw me out when I say things they wholeheartedly don’t agree with. So after having fun at Eat and Park and eating ourselves silly, we went home and went straight to bed. It was late as hell.

The next morning, Shanna got dressed up in these hot looking clothes (a.k.a. horribly mismatched) and we went to the Mud Volleyball and Dodgeball Tournament. Which is volleyball and dodgeball….but in the mud. I can’t wait to show you all the pics! It was a fundraiser which was a good thing…but there was mud everywhere, which was a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong, if I had known the tournament was going to happen, I would have brought old clothes and been prepared to get dirty, but I didn’t, so I just watched my friends and their friends get covered in dirty stinking mud….it was fun to see anyway. Maybe next year. The bad news is that my camera battery went out in the middle of the day. I was upset at myself and J bought a disposable camera for me so I wouldn’t be out of luck. I love him!

After getting dirty, everybody got cleaned up and went to Bennigans. It was damn good. I loooooved it. But I like going out to eat in any capacity. What made me think that this was going to be different. After dinner we went and got Margaritas for later (wink, wink) and then we went to watch The Dark Knight. AMAZING. I think the film really lived up to its hype, seriously, it was amazing. Of course the Joker stole the show and I really wish Batman wouldn’t talk like that but it was good. Really good. And I loved that I got to see it with my friends. I just hate that all of my friends live so far away! At least Adrienne and Cole live close. I can’t wait for them to meet J!

After the movie, we went home and lounged around and J and I got drunk off of Margaritas. Me, being a normal person, got tipsy, buzzed, then drunk. J went from sober to drunk. It was awesome! I don’t get shitfaced cuz I hate throwing up and not remembering anything. We were a pleasant drunk to where everything is funny and a general feel good feeling. It was awesome. And J’s hilarious and even saved me from being eaten by a spider! You saved my life J!

The next morning we had peanut butter and honey bagel sandwiches for breakfast and headed home and the trip home was just as good as the trip up. We rushed home cuz it was my little twin sister’s birthdays! Happy 21st Danielle and Kim! I can’t believe they are of legal drinking age. You all have no idea how weird that is for me. So the fam, J, and D all went out to eat at Chili’s and we all had a good time as usual. D loved the fact that I had dessert first. Then the twins, J, D, and I went to Cheddar’s and I bought Danielle and Kim their first drink. (Psst, they like Midori Sours). Then we went to see Dark Knight…again! I loved it just as much as the first time. That’s how I really know if I really love a movie. If I can see it twice. Another perfect weekend.

I am loving J more and more everyday. I was afraid to get too into him as I have been with previous boyfriends. But I realize he’s different. I can totally be into him. I can trust him. He won’t hurt me. I can drown in him and it be OK. I can’t wait until the day we are husband and wife. I love you J! Thank you for being perfect for me. I couldn’t ask for more.

R.I.P. Estelle Getty

I had to give an R.I.P. to Estelle Getty. The Golden Girls was a show that has significant meaning to me and has ever since I was young. It was one of those 80s shows that I could watch over and over and Sophia “Ma” Petrillo made that show what it was. I loved her fire and her spunk. Kinda like me huh baby? But as I get older and iconic figures from my childhood start to pass away, I don’t think it will ever get easier. I remember the first death of somebody famous. I remember one that really struck my heart– Jim Henson. I remember crying because I thought Kermit would never again be the same. Thanks for the memories Sophia.

Jason Mraz

Me and my culturally diverse boyfriend have another winner. Jason Mraz is an awesome artist. He reminds me somewhat of Robin Thicke, but just not as soulful. His lyrics are deep, and they give me food for thought. So if anybody is looking for a little something different. Check him out. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I know I’m not. J and I are a beautiful mess :p.

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