First Impressions: Watchmen…I’ll be Watching Again

So I saw Watchmen this weekend. No it wasn’t totally amazing and life changing but it was really really good. You can always tell it’s a good movie if it’s close to three hours but you don’t really notice.

The Watchmen is a comic book movie which (of course) I am totally into. I deliberately decided not to read the graphic novel on purpose so that I wouldn’t be biased and upset that they didn’t put something in the movie. I’m definitely not going to give anything away to you because I know you probably want to see it.

I have to say it wasn’t what I was expecting and the movie was a pleasant surprise. The acting is great and the movie is not cliched at all. I want to read the graphic novel and watch the movie again so that I can catch all the little nuances.

With that being said, this is NOT a movie for kids. This is not Spiderman, Hulk, or even Batman. There are VERY graphic scenes and language not meant to be heard by little ears. I suppose this did not stop some idiotic parents from bringing their kids to the movies. And I’m talking about little kids. Like five and six years old. I wanted to smack them but I calmly kept my hands in my pockets. So if you are reading this, please don’t take kids to this movie. And I’m off my soap box (for now). Have a great week!

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