And It Came

There was a horrible thunderstorm today. I didn’t know how bad it was going to be but it was bad. As I was driving into work, Indiana was across the river on my right and Kentucky was on my left. The sky around Kentucky was a little darker than normal for 7:30 but not too much so. But the sky on the Indiana side was black as night. It was sooo weird looking. I was hoping I would get to work before the storm started.

After parking in the parking garage, I was walking to my work and it looked like it was 9 at night. It was a bit odd and I hurried in before the rain started. And oh did it start. It was thundering, lightning, and hailing. There was 6-8 inches of water in one hour. EVERYTHING flooded. My parents basement, Churchill downs, the University of Louisville. It was almost like half the city was under water.

Even the basement of the new skyscraper they are building for my work flooded. And it lost power. The people that had already moved over there had to come over to our building and the customer service reps had to use our cubicles because they were actually fielding calls from customers. So, we sat around for four hours and did nothing until they finally sent us home.

So. September was a wind storm. January was an ice storm. August was the thunderstorms. So I figure we have something to deal with earth next. Dust storm? Earth quake? /shrug. Look on the news if you want to see all the crazy stuff. :)

But it’s calmer now and I can only hope that it’s all over.

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  1. J
    Aug 05, 2009 @ 12:35:39

    If I had to choose. I would choose Sink holes! Glad we made it through with very little trouble. Our thoughts are going to all the folks that got put out of their home because of the rising waters and have no power.


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