Chris Herbert

Baltimore, Maryland

5 years ago I started Herb's a flat-packed furniture company that has shipped orders to over 700 customers around the world, giving me first-hand experience designing a finished product and delivering it to my customers on time. I am now venturing into product design with the PBspoon, designed to squeeze every ounce of peanut butter out of the jar!

Thank you spoon-pporters!

Back in August of 2017 this was just a PB pipe dream. Huge thank you to my nutty team that has helped get this project off the ground:

  •  Alexa Carney, Graphic Designer – Extra Chunky Jif 
  • Jordan Black, Photo – Extra Chunky Jif 
  • Jordan Thompson, Video – Creamy Jif 
  • Christian Donnelly, Product Designer – Cookie Butter 
  • Jamie Sumague, Photo – Nutellla
  • The Foundery, Makerspace for prototyping designs

Our PB saving device was then launched on Kickstarter; over 2,000 spoons were sold to backers around the world to help launch the PBspoon in the marketplace!

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