The perfect peanut butter spoon! A cross between a spoon and a spatula, our patent-pending design has a rounded face to function like a traditional spoon, a flat edge to scrape every ounce out of the peanut butter container and an angled back for perfectly spreading peanut butter onto your bread of choice. Free shipping within the US!


The spoon head is made from a food-grade, heat-resistant silicone which means the PBspoon is:

  • Food Safe
  • BPA free
  • Able to handle temperature extremes
  • Flexible, durable and shatter resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Odor and stain resistant

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My borderline peanut butter addiction spurred me to create the PBspoon, which I designed to be the perfect spoon for extracting every last bit of peanut butter from the jar. A cross between a spoon and a spatula, the PBspoon has a rounded face to function like a traditional spoon, but also a flat edge to scrape every ounce out of the peanut butter container. The tip of the spoon is pointed for getting into hard-to-reach ridges, and the back is angled for perfectly spreading peanut butter onto your bread of choice.


The PBspoon is better than other spoons and rubber scrapers because it takes the best functions of other styles and combines them into one seamless patent-pending design. The traditional round shape of a metal spoon doesn’t scrape containers efficiently since there is only one point of contact with the container. Although rubber scrapers scrape containers well, they can’t scoop, and are difficult to eat off of. The PBspoon has a flat edge to scrape jars clean and a flat backside for efficiently spreading your PB onto your bread of choice.

Where the flat and rounded edge meet there is a pointed tip, which allows you to get into every nook and cranny of the container. In addition to these functions, it also has a rounded face for the same mouth-feel as eating directly from a traditional spoon.

Other Uses

Although designed specifically for peanut butter, this spoon also works great with other spreads, butters, jams and any condiment in a difficult-to-scoop container. A lot of spreads can be pretty expensive, such as almond, cashew butter or a fancy jam and the PBspoon helps you save money by getting every last bit out.

Free shipping in the USA to all 50 states

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 48 reviews
by Barbara on PBspoon
And this is another gift

I sent it to my sister and she said she really liked it and will definitely use it.

by Alice on PBspoon
How did I live without this?

My son is obsessed with a certain chocolate-hazelnut spread, and this is the perfect tool for when he scraped the last bit from the jar to spread on his waffles. Great for PB, too, of course.

by Lina on PBspoon

We just love getting that last bit!

by Pamela on PBspoon
A Disappointment...my fault

I should have looked closer to the length of this spoon! It would be outstanding if 2 lengths were offered. The length as it is...for a standard jar of nut butter. Much more cost effective to buy the larger jars, hence the need for a longer handle/stick. The head of the spoon is firmer...needed to get that last drop. I am not going to return...going to try to make my own longer handle.

by Portia on PBspoon
Was a birthday gift for my over 40 son in law

At first he thought it was cute but after a few uses he is in love with this simple idea. He has PBJ daily

by Joan on PBspoon
This is the Bomb!

This is the Bomb! my husband said as he cleaned the bottom of the jar!

by Robert on PBspoon
Great idea

This tool helps get the very last bit out of a jar. When mine arrived, I was at the bottom of a jar of Nutella, which has an odd shaped container. But I was able to get all the good stuff with the PBspoon. It is also handy for stirring Teddie Peanut Butter, which has all the oil at the top. The spoon is wide allowing a lot of the pB to get stirred at once. Thanks for a super product.

by Marcia on PBspoon
Great to clean out the peanut butter jar

Works really well for the peanut butter jar and more!

by Amy on PBspoon
Not impressed

Cute idea but flat spatulas and iced tea spoons work bettter when scraping the sides

by Madonna on PBspoon
Works Better Than A Spoon!

This Peanut Butter Spoon works nicely but, when you get to the bottom of the jar, it works GREAT! My last empty peanut butter jar didn’t look like there was enough peanut butter in it to make a sandwich, it looked cleaned out!

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